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last updated on: 22/5/2021
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Also a very big well done to Pete who came 2nd in his very 1st tournament at the BIKO all Styles Event in Northampton. He was also very brave to have done this tournament a week before his wedding.
June was also a special month for our Chief Instructor Mick Bazylewycz was also awarding his 6th Dan by BIKO Executives at the same Open Tournament in Northampton. Well done Shihan.d text.
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                          Junior Grading June 2017

June has been a busy month for the club.

                 Congratulations to all the Juniors who successfully passed their gradings.
             The standard was high and we even had a couple of double gradings .
8th February  2017
Today we said goodbye to an old sparring partner, former junior instructor and club PR spokesperson Bob Lockwood. It was good to see old club members and Bob's family again. Just a pity it took something like this to get us all together. we also had a sailors salute with his favourite rum. OSS Bob, it was a pleasure and a honour!
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             Junior Grading Dec 2017

          Congratulations to all the Juniors who successfully passed their gradings.
The standard was high and we even had a special double grading. 
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Important Notice! 
Due to the increased cost of hiring the hall, we have no choice but to increase our weekly subs by 50p for both Junior and Senior classes. the increase will come into effect this Thursday 18th of Jan. Thank you in advance for your continued support          
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Last week, we introduced weapons training for the juniors, starting with the Bo. This is normally done in the Senior class but the juniors took to it very well and showed promise. Another area of Martial Arts open to our students        
BIKO Closed Championships 2019
Last Sunday 7th July 2019, we entered a small team of first timers into the BIKO Championships. A huge well done for taking part and also those who brought back medals too. Next year they will be more seasoned and hopefully we can enter a larger team. 
Covid 19 Corona virus update 30/04/20
Due to the lock down we are unable to train together but we do advise club members to do what they can to practice their techniques (safely of course).
We are posting Katas for you to practice on our Whatsapp and Facebook groups. and are available for you to contact with your queries or even to post your progress.  

We will of course monitor the situation and hope to resume once schools return and that this does not continue for too long and lives can get back to some sort of normality fairly soon.

We wish our students and their families good health through this ordeal. We hope to see you all again soon.
Dan grading 30th November  2019
November 30th saw the latest additions to Wellingborough Kempo Karate Dan Grades after after a very tough grading session conducted by Sensei Matt Blackham 4th Dan Kobujitsu.
Congratulations to Jodie McSmith & Pete Down.
Thank you to sensei Blackham for coming down and the other club members who put their bodies on the line to help out. 
Kempo return to restricted training  27th May 2021

The Government through Sport England and the English Karate Federation. 
has permitted us to return to limited training.
Also because we train on school premises there are a few extra guidelines to follow to protect the school community.