Stand and deliver
Corby John, SK, Stevie Copson, Mark Sesh, Mick Baz & Les
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Subira,Ann, John & Lorraine
Sensei Les Fisher       (position cursor over picture for description)
Wellingborough Kempo Honours Les Fisher who was laid to rest Tuesday April 20th 2004. He was a True Warrior in every respect and will be missed by those who knew him and whose lives he touched. Les was of the old school and when the Kempo clubs split, he started his own in Northampton but still supported WKKC over the years. Many of us are grateful for the inspiration he gave us and his bulldog spirit. Our condolences to Pat and his family and our hopes that his spirit will live on through his club and students. We will remember here dd text.
Sensei John Horan          (position cursor over picture for description)
Wellingborough Kempo Honours Sensei John Horan who passed away on Thursday morning 25th November. We offer our condolances to Lorraine,  family, friends and students.John took Kempo under his wings and adopted the wild kempo spirit during our time in B.A.S.K.A and helped us to be the best we could be through many gruelling training sessions and team building army style assault courses in Blackpool.
John was also a regular at our Kempo Xmas parties. You will no doubt remember The "Shouting man in the Kilt". He will be sorely missed. John will live on through his club and the people who's lives he touched
SK, Les & Mick Baz
Mick Baz, SK & Les
Mick Baz, SK, Stevie Copson & Les
Les finishing off an unfortunate
Mick Baz, Mick Bird, Tony Conway, SK, Phil Vision & Les
John's infamous Blackpool assault course
Team building in Blackpool
John awarding Kempo Juniors
Mick,Stevie,John & Lorraine
John & Lorraine
Les Fisher
Mid-life Bikers
Janey, Des & John
Sensei Ernest Hillaire:          (position cursor over picture for description)
Yesterday May 10th 2015, we all learnt of the sudden passing of one of our Kempo Brothers, Ernie Hillaire collapsed at his home in Grenada and later died in hospital
Those of you who knew him, know he had a heart of gold, stubborn as a donkey views larger than life but fiercely believed in right and wrong and the Kempo brotherhood (and sisterhood). It was my honour to have introduced him to Kempo and to be the best man at his wedding RIP Ernie, Can't believe we wont be hearing that raucous laughter again.
Our condolences go out to his family, especially his children Subira, Temi & Shaka who previously lost their mother 8 previous.

Ernie and Daughter Subira in Grenada
Ernie and Mick
Anne and Ernie
Ernie Jo Matt and Shelley
Des Ernie Chris in Blackpool
Kempo on BASKA course in Tenby
Anne, Ernie
Sensei James Fitzegerald (Fitzy or Scuddy) :         
It was whilst coming to terms with the sudden death of Ernest that we found out about the death of our friend colleague James Fitgerald or Fitzy as he was known.
Fitz lived in Gibralter and apparently he had late stage cancer that was only discovered during a routine hosiptal visit and died very quickly after. Fitz was a very loyal and at times mischevious  member of the club who was liked by all and no one had a bad word to say about him. We can all share fond stories about him.
Fitz and Mick
Fitz Dave Tony Mick
Mick and Fitz
Des, Sesh, Mick, Dave, Simon Fitz
Chris, Paul, Greg Fitz Pat Ernie
Adam Fitz Jo
Dave Fitz Damien
Sensei Bob Lockwood (Ninja Lockwood) : 
February 2017, we said goodbye to an old sparring partner, former juniors instructor and club PR spokesperson
Bob Lockwood, or "Ninja Lockwood" as Pat Harris nicknamed him, was the most active promoter of the club, and given his former job as a policeman, he certainly had opportunity.
Anyone who went to the station who had been a victim or was worried about crime, would always be refered to Kempo Karate.
In his retirement, he still promted the club to his customers when he worked at Westend DIY, he even  brought his grandson to the club to learn karate karate.
Bob died after a very short ilness. All though it was a sad occassion, his Eulogy had mourners laughing loudly. It was good to see old club members and Bob's family again. Just a pity it took something like this to get us all together. also had a sailors salute with a tot of his favourite rum. OSS Bob, it was a pleasure and an honour!.Click here to add text.