Wellingborough Kempo Karate Club
Senior  Instructors Profile

Sensei Mick Bazylewycz (6th Dan)
Sensei Bazylewycz
Mick Bazylewycz is the Chief instructor of Wellingborough Kempo Karate Club and continues to be a die hard karateka.  He is somewhat of a perfectionist in his own training, a quality that passes on to his students.

Mick started training in 1972 and has been training continuously in excess of 45 years and is a shining example of what dedication, true grit and hard work can get you.

He trained for many years under Sensei Mick Bird in Northants Kempo Karate Khan.
This was a brutal style of "no prisoners" traditional combat karate where only the  toughest and most dedicated stayed the course.

1979 1st  Dan - Sensei Mick Bird Northants Kempo
1981 2nd Dan - Sensei Mick Bird Northants Kempo
1984 3rd Dan - Sensei Mick Bird Northants Kempo
1995 4th Dan - Sensei,s Julian Mead / Harry Cook / Derek Ridgeway Butokukai
2004 5th Dan - Awarded by B.I.K.O executive committee
2017 6th Dan - Awarded by B.I.K.O executive committee

In addition

Kobujutsu weapons
2001 1st Dan  by Shihan Shingi & Julian Mead
2003 2nd Dan  by Shihan Shingi & Julian Mead
2009 3rd Dan  by Shihan Julian Mead & Ilpo
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After attaining his 3rd Dan in 1984, He and other senior members hungered for more knowledge and wanted to expand their Martial Arts.
This led to the Kempo split in 1985 when Mick, Steve Kaczymerycz & Mark Sessions formed the Wellinborough Kempo Karate Club.

The Word "Kempo" means "to borrow" and this is exactly what he set about doing.
Mick has studied Aikido, Shotokan, Judo, Wado Ryu, Gojo Ryu & Kobujutsu Weapons.
All these styles have something to offer, which Mick has encorporated into WKKC.
Kempo Practioners are fortunate, they benefit from all the various styles that Mick encorporates.

Achievements are many but up there amongst them are:
Having a successful club with a very high calibre of Karateka with a strong team spirit
inside and out of the Dojo.
Being noticed and respected on a national and international level
Wearing an England badge

Being voted
B.A.S.K.A Sports Personality of the year 1990
B.A.S.K.A Student of the year 2001

Proudest moments
Proudest Moments are again too many to list but some are:
Being personally invited to train in Japan this coming summer 2004
4 Gold medals in a B.A.S.K.A open tournament, individual Kata, Individual Weapons,
Team Kata and Team Kumite.
Winner of B.K.F Team Kata 2 years running.
Every time a student attains a Black Belt.