Wellingborough Kempo Karate Club
 Instructors Profile

Sempai Des Watson (2nd Dan)
Des Watson is one of the Instructors at the WWKC and has been a member of the club for over 40 years.

1976 - Joined Shotokan karate studied under Mick Grey
Left shortly after without taking a grade. No structure for beginners.

1980 - Joined Northants Kempo Karate Khan- Studied under Sensei Mick Bird.
Quickly rose through to intermediate grade, training several times a week.
At the same time also studied Lau Gau Kung Fu for many months before having to concentrate on one style.

Mid 80's - Kempo split. 
Sensei's Bazylewycz, Steve Kaczymerycz and Mark Sessions formed the Wellingborough Kempo Karate Club, Des trained in the new club whilst Northants Kempo Karate Khan continued in Northampton.

April 1991 - Settled into life as 1st Kyu (less pressure) 
Was then bullied into taking 1st Dan Black Belt under Sihan Greg Wallace 

July 1994 - bullied once again into taking 2nd Dan.
Fought on the Kempo A team for many years winning various Medals & trophies.
At the same time also competed in team Kata events amassing even more medals
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Proudest moments  

Winning the 3 man team fight in the 1991 Cambridge open along with Sensei's Mick Bazylewycz and Mark Sessions. Scoring 3 - 0 in each round before winning the final 3 - 0.

In the BASKA London open 1992, When Wellingborough's results were:

WKKC Kata teams A,B& C being placed 1st , 2nd & 3rd.
WKKC Team Kumite A Team 2nd place (Robbed looking at the video).
WKKC Ernest Hillaire and Pat Harris making it 2nd and 3rd in the Individual Kumite.

Retired from active tournaments in 1995

E.K.G.B Certified Instructor through several courses with B.A.S.K.A, Kazoku Kai & BIKO.

E.K.G.B Referees course under Terry Pottage E.K.G.B Chief Referee.

Trained In First Aid